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We supply mail order anabolic steroids, PCT other ancillaries and fat burners. We ship worldwide

We sell mail order steroids and other ancillaries


We ship steroids worldwide. We have a wide range or oral and injectable anabolic steroids. Also available for purchase are a range of ancillaries to treat side effects of steroid use. We  are vendors of high quality fat burners and body building aids.


We sell various types of familiar anabolic steroids

We sell mostly tried and tested anabolic steroids that have been around forever and so are well known to work. We have a range or oral anabolic steroids such as: Anadrol, Dianabol, Anavar and stanzol (winstrol tablets). We also offer injectable steroids. These include Sustanon and Testosterones such as Testosterone Enanthate. We do also offer Deca Durabolin however we have to charge quite a high price. This is due to the price we have to pay for it ourselves.


All our products are guaranteed genuine steroids

All our products are purchased direct from legit pharmacies and are guaranteed genuine. You just need to try them and then you will know. It would not be worth our while manufacturing or sourcing fake products when the real product is much easier to find. All our products are modestly priced and so its just wouldn’t make financial sense to sell fakes.


Is delivery guaranteed?

We guarantee that your item will be shipped discretely and in good time with full tracking provided. We obviously can’t guarantee delivery to countries where its illegal to posses and import steroids. Please check before ordering steroids on your countries laws. We cannot keep up with all laws concerning the legality of possessing and importing steroids in all the countries on the planet. Its just impossible. However saying all that, 99% of our steroids get through no problems. We are very experienced at getting orders to customers.


How do I know you will send it?

We will provide registered numbers which can track orders. Registered mail is the preferred method of shipping for small orders. They attract less attention at customs than UPS, DHL and EMS products and arrive usually in the same time frame.


How about expiry dates?


These products are very stable and have expiry dates sometimes years ahead. Unlike HGH they can last for a very long time. No special treatment or storage is needed and they do no not need to be kept in the fridge. Just keep the tablets dry and the silica desiccant inside the bottles and you will be fine.

What about payment, can I pay with credit card or paypal?


Well not really no. We are selling controlled medicines/drugs and shipping them to some countries where the rules are quite strict. For our anonymity and yours we use bitcoin. Bitcoin is an anonymous cryptocurrency. It may feel strange using it at first but it soon becomes easy one you grasp the concept and have used it once. The only problem is bitcoin exchange rates can fluctuate quite widely but are payment system accounts for this. Just add the product to your shopping cart get to checkout and pay with bitcoin. Make sure you have purchased some bitcoins first of course. We would recommend www.localbitcoins.com as a good place to buy them. Avoid Coinbase at all costs. They take weeks to get your bitcoins through and have been know to close peoples account for buying drugs from the darkweb.

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